Boldness in perseverance - 1 Boldness in proclamation - 2-4 Boldness in persecution - 5-10a
The power of the gospel and the powers of this world - 16-25 The power of the gospel and the power of God - 26-34 The power of the gospel…
The sabbath day at the river - 13 The saving grace of the gospel - 14 The sign of the covenant - 15
Parting Company - 15:36-41 Strengthening the churches - 15:41-16:5 Reaching out to Europe - 16:6-10

Our living hope and our glorious God Our living hope and God's great mercy Our living hope and our new birth Our living hope and Christ's resurrection
The Son of Man and a foretaste of glory - 12-19 The Son of Man and the glory of the cross - 20-33 The Son of Man, Our glorious Savior…

Christ is preached in Derbe - 20-21a On return churches are organized - 21b-23 Christ is preached in Perga - 24-25 Return to Antioch of Syria - 26-28
Preaching Christ in flight - 6-7 Preaching Christ to the helpless - 8-11 Preaching Christ against pagan adulation - 11-18 Preaching Christ and enduring hardship - 19-20