Freedom as God restrains - 1-3 Freedom as a city erupts - 4-5 Freedom to preach in new places - 6-7
Many...followed Paul and Barnabas - 42-43 The Jews...were filled with jealousy- -44-46 The Gentiles....honored the word of the Lord - 48-49 The Jews incited...persecution against Paul and Barnabas - 50-52
The gospel and Israel - 13-25 The gospel and Christ - 26-37 The gospel and you - 38-41
To the synagogues in Salamis - 4-5 To the sorcerer and proconsul in Paphos - 6-12
From a cosmopolitan Church - 1 God sets His servants apart - 2 And sends them out to preach the word - 3

In Him Was Life

January 21, 2018
Life is rooted in the Trinity, the true and living God - 1-2 Life is rooted in creation, man created in God's image - 3 Life is rooted in Christ…
King Herod...intending to persecute - 1-4 But the church was earnestly praying - 5-17 Herod did not give praise to God - 18-25 God's word will accomplish what He desires…
Persecution and the spread of the gospel - 19-22 Jerusalem reaches out to Antioch - 23-27 Antioch reaches out to Jerusalem - 28-30

Seek First

December 31, 2017
You and God's rule in Christ You and God's righteousness in Christ You and God's riches in Christ
Glory to God for the depth of his riches or wisdom and knowledge. (Rm 11:33a) Glory to God for his unsearchable ways. (Rm 11:33b-34) Glory to God for his surpassing…