Come and See

December 17, 2017
Theme: The Messiah has come and has revealed Himself to His people in order to be found and followed. He dwelt among us (35-42) We beheld His glory (43-51)
To consecrate the end-time temple of God (1-4) To restore the far-flung nations of the world (5-13)
Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed by thy Name Thy kingdom come Thy will be done as it is in heaven Give us this day our daily bread And…
Peter is obedient to what God has made clean--23b-33 Peter preaches the Gospel to the gentiles--34-43 The Holy Spirit falls on the gentiles and they are baptized--44-48
The Lord prepares Cornelius for His covenant promise in a dream-- 1-8 The Lord prepares Peter for His covenant advance in a dream-- 9-16 The Lord begins to unfold the…
In Jesus' name the church grows in Judea, Galilee, Samaria--31 In Jesus' name a paralytic is healed in Lydda--32-35 In Jesus' name a departed disciple is raised in Joppa--36-43
Good news God saves sinners God recons you righteous by faith in Christ
Saul in Damascus 21-25 Saul in Jerusalem 26-30 A time of peace and growth 31
The Lamb of God (29-31) The Anointed of God (32-34)